Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycles

Harley Davidsusa.com/touring1.jpgThe Touring family is on of five in the prestigious Harley Davidson brand. The Touring family can also be named "dressers", which it often is by its owners and fans. You can spot some of its models being used by some state police due to its low speed manoeuvrability and long distance endurance. A Touring Harley Davidson Motorcycle can be instantly identifiable by its large windshield which makes long distance riding that little bit more comfortable, but on most models the windshield in removable.

We will be attending the UK Motorcycle Show 2019 – this will be our third time at the event after a very successful 2017 event. For those travelling from the US or abroad we have found the following services very helpful including hotels and car rental information:

Hotels – We book through Expedia, they seem to have the best prices for the dates we want (we book for 7 people).
Car Hire – We hired a 7 seater from Easirent, they were the lowest on price and had quite a few different vehicles we could choose from.

They also have five branches in the US, if you are looking for low cost Florida Car Rental then checkout Easirent US - they branches at Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Jacksonville.

Are you going to any events this year? Get in touch through our contact form and let us know!

UPDATE: 2019: A group of us are hiring a rental vehicle from EasiCampers. We looked around and found this website had the best campervan and motorhome rental rates. Please tell them you booked through LookCycles so we can get feedback on the service they provide. Thanks!

Harley Davidson Softail Motorcycles

Harley Davidson Softail MotorcyclesThe word Softail represents the use of a moveable suspension system hidden on the rear of the motorcycle to make riding more comfortable. The first Softail manufactured by Harley Davidson was the FXST released in 1984. As with the Dyna, the Softail has a rich customising history, providing the riders and owners with extra options when purchasing and adapting their Softail.

Harley Davidson Dyna FXR Motorcycles

Harley Davidson Dyna FXR MotorcyclesThe Dyna motorcycle family has undergone numerous changes and overhauls over the last few years. Highly regarded and considered to be one of the most rugged, untamed, customisable and hardcore motorcycles around. Some classic features of the Harley Dyna still remain from its Super Glide days; the uncovered battery, rolling chassis and its large V-twin engine make it a formidable and often scary machine.

Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycles

Harley Davidson Sportster MotorcyclesThe Harley Davidson Sportster is the eldest range out of all the families currently available, in fact the Sportster has been continuously manufactured since way back in 1957. Obviously the motorcycles have changed a lot since then, but the Sportster's unique tradition and values have been maintained by Harley Davidson throughout the years. The Sportster's inspiration was the K series motorcycles first introduced in 1952, there were four models within the K series which were the K, KK, KH and the KHK, these models were discontinued in 1956 but one thing they did do was breathe fire and inspiration to the Sportster range.

Harley Davidson VRSC Motorcycles

Harley Davidson VRSC MotorcyclesThe VRSC family was introduced back in 2001 and represents one of the newest families introduced to the Harley Davidson range. The first thing you notice with the VRSC is that it's unlike any other Harley Davidson bike, described as a muscle motorcycle designed to compete with the new breed of dragster style motorcycles from America and Japan.

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