Harley Davidson VRSC Motorcycles


The VRSC breaks from the traditional Harley mind set in some ways.
Harley Davidson not only values it's traditional designs but also looks to the future with the VRSC. These dragster style machines now arrive new with anti-lock brakes.

Also, there is a thriving second hand used market for the VRSC. All of the new VRSC model motorcycles come equipped with a roaring high revving liquid cooled 1250cc Revolution engine.
Brembo brakes and a twin vortex air scoop come as standard.

Another thing you will notice with the VRSC family is the extremely low ride height with the seat position only sitting between 25.2 and 26 inches. Harley Davidson enlisted the help of Porsche to help design the new V-Rod engine and have incorporated liquid cooling for their engines for the first time. The steel on steel design coupled with dark modern styling makes the VRSC look a formidable motorcycle.

There are only three models within the VRSC family, the VRSCD Night Rod being the cheapest, costing new around $15,000. With mid-mounted foot pedals and a 180mm rear tire and its aggressive styling it comes ready to take on the roads. The aggressive styling is a point to consider, the colour matching black wheel spoke, headlamps and its mid mounted controls really does make you think this motorcycle means business. You can squeeze out an impressive 125bhp out of the VRSCD.


The next model in the range is the VRSCAW V-Rod; it really is a great looking motorcycle with the heavy use of chrome in its styling, its work a mention that the VRSCAW is road legal. The cost of this fantastic machine is over $16,000, but could cost more if you require ABS, customisation of colours and a security system, Harley Davidson even offer the option of installing the 125th year anniversary styling which includes a black power train, chrome covers and vivid black frame paint. The huge chrome twin vortex air scooping system really is one of the most impressive looking things about this motorcycle.

The final and most expensive model in the VRSC range is the VRSCDX Night Rod Special. It comes with drag racing style handle bars; fantastic looking black on black styling built with competitive racing in mind, a slippery clutch feature has also been recently introduced to the model. Another feature of the model is the large five gallon fuel tank so the lucky rider can go that extra bit further. You can experience the RPM’s shoot through the roof on this hair-raising beauty. Dark and mean, you can take on the world with this motorcycle.

The VRSC range have recently been used in competitive drag racing competitions and tracks, the VRSC keeps on impressing and is gaining quite a reputation in numerous countries around the world. Let’s hope it goes from strength to strength in the near future. Then again it really is hard not to be impressed by Harley Davidson’s latest contribution to the motorcycling industry. Check out our new and used VRSC online auctions for some fantastic deals.

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