Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycles


The Harley Sportser is the bike that typifies what Harley motorcycles are all about. Tradition, power and stunning looks has given the Sportster range a life since 1957.

Today, they are as popular as ever with online deals for both new and used models. The new Sportster range is able live up to its live-wire and exciting reputation. The engines of the Sportster’s range vary from 883cc to a 1200cc Evolution engine. It is equipped with a 3.3 gallon fuel tank, but you can increase this to a 4.5 gallon tank if you desire, but it will cost more.

The most welcoming recent introduction to the Sportster range is the reduced clutch effort which of course makes riding easier and opens all the models to a wider range of motorcycle riders. The narrow frame of all the Sportster’s makes them more agile which again improves its ride-ability.


There are seven models within the Sportster family, all of the models in the family start with the code XL. The entry level motorcycle is the XL 883; it packs an 883cc engine and has fantastic agility providing excellent performance for motorcyclists for over fifty years. The 883 has mid-range foot pedals and a low riding classic solo seat with powdered silver styling which makes it particularly pleasing on the eye. The XL 883C Custom is also available with features such as aluminium wheel spokes, a passenger seat and forward mounted foot pedals. The next step up is the XL 1200L Low, it has a 1200cc Evolution engine and closer solo seat to the handlebars to make rider somewhat easier.

The XL 1200L also has lower rear and front suspension, this motorcycle reminds you in places of some touring aspects. For a snip under $10,000 you can purchase the XL 1200N Nightster, it incorporates a stylish dark design and represents the newest addition to the Sportster family. Even with its infant status in the family it still does well to represent the history and the iconic status of the Harley Davidson Sportster.

The most expensive model in the family is the XL 1200C Custom, again it has black styling but comes with a host of features such as a chrome bullet style headlight, an aluminium rear wheel and forward mounted foot controls. Expect to pay around $9895 for a brand new base model. It’s important to mention that all Harley Sportsters can be adapted with saddle bags and storage cases to make weekend or day trip a pleasure without having to shell out the expense of a Tourer.

When you purchase a new or used Harley Sportster you are not just buying a fantastic motorcycle, you are joining into a piece of Harley Davidson history and culture which Harley Davidson have worked so hard to maintain and it does seem to rub off easily on the riders of their iconic motorcycles.

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