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All Harley Davidson riders know that wearing a good pair of boots is very important. Boots that are cheap obviously cost less but are less comfortable and in the long run you end up paying more because they simply do not stand the test of time.
Boots for men and women are readily available to buy online. In fact it pays to shop around as there are some great deals to be had.
Most of the good Harley online retailers that sell boots will have a good selection of leather boots and shoes that come in variable sizes for both men and women. The popular sizes are 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12.


Steel toe boots and shoes are the best for durability and safety. For the ladies it is often more difficult to find the right boots or shoes but with competetion fierce for sales on the internet many Harley Davidson retailers are now stocking a range of ladies boots that are both designer and practical.

Womens and mens boots are definately cheaper when you buy online. Just be careful to read the descriptions correctly and of course check the sizes before buying.

High Heel Stiletto Boots are very sexy and Harley girls love to wear these types of footwear, even if they are unpractical glamorous Harley girls can be seen wearing high heels and if you look at the Harley models who pose for magazines then most of them wear high heel stiletto shoes or black thigh boots.

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